Executive Headteacher

Mrs S Bridges

Head of School

Mrs J Coats

Deputy Head of School

Mrs C Chappell

Pastoral Manager

Mr M Pont

Assistant Headteachers

Mr W Johnson, Miss C Cooke, Miss A Willoughby

Lead Practitioner

Miss M Helliwell

School Business Manager Mrs K Hyde



Year Leader: FS1/Little Beck - Miss E Courtney

Year Leader: FS2 - Miss C Cooke

Little Beck (2Yr Olds Nursery) Early Years Practitioner: Miss L Watson

Support Staff: Ms P Kirk, Miss M Hylton, Miss L Smith

Foundation 1 (3Yr Olds Nursery)

Teaching Staff: Miss E Courtney, Mrs L Hopson

Support Staff: Mrs H Kirk, Miss P Cook, Miss J Addey

Foundation 2 (Reception)

Teaching Staff: Miss C Cook/Mrs A Brown/Mrs S Beech (F2CB), Miss R Khan (F2RK), Miss A Speke (F2AS)

Support Staff:   Ms J Gilbert, Mrs J Croad, Miss N Khan 


Year Leader: Y1 - Mrs C Holt

Year Leader: Y2 - Miss K Horan

Year 1

Teaching Staff: Mrs C Holt/Mrs J Makepeace (Y1HM), Miss C Adams (Y1CA), Miss L Travis/Miss J Thomas (Y1TT)

Support Staff: Miss K Lapper, Mrs Allott-Knight/Miss Oxley, Miss M Peacock 

Year 2

Teaching Staff: Miss K Horan (Y2KH), Mrs C Charles (Y2CC), Mr R Jones-Davies (Y2RJ)

Support Staff: Miss O English, Miss C Hodson/Mrs L Ellis, Mrs J Westney 


Year Leader: Y3 - Miss M Helliwell

Year Leader: Y4 - Miss A Willoughby

Year 3

Teaching Staff: Miss S Beech (Y3SB), Miss D Lawton (Y3DL), Mrs C Woodcock (Y3CW)

Support Staff: Miss S Beech, Mrs A Guy, Miss F Wagland 

Year 4

Teaching Staff: Mrs G Morton/Miss J Wall (4WW), Miss A Lilley (4AL), Mr S Jones (Y4SJ)

Support Staff:   Miss S Owen, Mrs Z Parkin/Miss A Vollum, Miss L Parivado


Year Leader - Y5 - Miss V Howes

Year Leader - Y6 - Mr W Johnson

Year 5

Teaching Staff: Miss V Howes (Y5VH), Miss N Flesher (Y5NF), Mr R Nettleship (Y5RN) 

Support Staff: Miss N Smith, Miss E Colton, Mrs G Bullivant

Year 6

Teaching Staff: Mr W Johnson/Miss Warbuton/Miss A Willoughby (6JW), Miss E Coe (Y6EC), Mr D Peck/Mr N Wells (6DP)

Support Staff:  Mrs N Comley-Inkles, Mrs T White, Miss C Hancock

Intergrated Resource

Teaching Staff: Mrs C Bamford

Support Staff:  Miss Quaterman, Miss R Jones, Miss C Begg

Curriculum Specialist / L3TAs

Miss J Addey (Foudation Stage), Mrs J German (KS1), Mrs T Fowler (LKS2), Mrs L Bower (UKS2)

Music Teacher Mrs B Stroud
Numbers Counts Teacher Miss K Lockwood
PE Teacher Mr N Wells
Lead Practitioner  Miss M Helliwell
Other Teachers Supporting Mrs S Beech, Mrs K Simpson
Inclusion Team
Special Needs Co-ordinator Miss S Whittiaker
Special Needs Support Mrs K Ling/Miss Parker (KS1), Mrs S Sizer/Mrs Z Parkin (LKS2), Mrs R Watson (UKS2)
Pastoral Manager Mr M Pont
Learning Mentors  Mrs D Sherwin, Mrs L Barron
Home to School Link Worker Mrs K Leasley
Admin, Premises and Catering  
Business Support Manager Mrs K Hyde
Finance and Admin Officer  Mrs J Whiteley
Admin Officer Mrs E Marshall
Reception/Admin Officer Mrs S Gray, Ms E Pearson
Building Supervisor Mr N Wordsworth
Assistant Caretaker Mr D Collier
Cleaners Miss F Ismail, Mrs J Lardner, Miss M Lister, Miss S Lloyd, Mrs J Mulholland, Miss C Soave, Ms D Stanley, Ms K Stanley, Miss N Ward
Supervisory Assistants Miss F Ismail, Ms M Fletcher, Ms N Fothergill, Miss T Hunter, Miss M Lister, Miss M Lucas, Mrs J Mulholland, Miss D Pears, Miss L Pearson, Miss C Soave, Ms K Stanley, Ms K Stuart, Miss F Trigg, Mrs N Ward, Mrs C Middleton, Miss S Roberts, Miss D Varney, Mrs D Brown
Catering Manager Mrs D Lamb
Cook Miss J Fabian
Catering Assistants Mrs S Mills, Miss D Stanley, Miss A Yusuf, Ms A Gebrewelde, Mrs T Green