Hot school dinners are cooked and served daily at Beck Primary School.  The meals cost £2 per day, £10 per week.  A vegetarian option and a school sandwich option is available every day, and a Halal option is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If children do not want to take a school dinner, packed lunches can be brought into school.

Lunch Menu

The lunch menu runs on a three week cycle as outlined here, and a copy of the lunch menu can be downloaded below.  

 Lunch Menu

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
08/03/21 16/03/21 22/03/21
29/03/21 19/04/21 26/04/21
03/05/21 10/05/21 24/05/21


FSM Half Term Vouchers

If you are entitled to free school meals click here to find out what provision Sheffield Council are putting in place.