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KS1 + KS2 5 Samba Lessons

CLICK HERE to try out  5 great Samba Lessons by 'Inspire Works'.    CLICK HERE to hear Sheffield's very own Samba Band  These 5 lessons are good fun, you can get your fam...
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EYFS, KS1 +KS2: Sheffield Music Hub Weekly Activities

CLICK HERE for this week's Sheffield Music Hub weekly activities for home learning.  These include: Song of the week - warm ups and a new song to learnChallenge of the week - a simple game or ide...
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Y5 - PBuzz 'Shotgun' performance opportunity

Sheffield Music Hub are inviting musicians to record themselves playing a short clip of music from George Ezra's Shotgun.  This will then be made into a bigger video recording of  ...
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KS1 + KS2 CHALLENGE: learn the instruments of the orchestra

Here's a great series of clips to help you learn about the names and sounds of the instruments of an orchestra: CLICK HERE to learn about the string section of an orchestra CLICK H...
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Weekly Activities from Sheffield Music Hub

CLICK HERE for the link to this week's musical activities from Sheffield Music Hub.  There's something for all primary school age groups and include: Song of the week - warmups and a new song to ...
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KS1+KS2: Make your own beats online

CLICK HERE to access  'Launchpad'.  This is an online music sampler.  Each tile plays a loop of music.   CHALLENGE 1:  Explore all the different sounds one at a time...
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Y6 Brass - Modulo Project Activity 1

 Here's the full details for Activity 1. for all the brass players who would like to take part in the online Modulo project.  Happy Music Making!

Y6 Brass Band - Modulo Project

Y6 brass band would have been going down to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire of Music for a whole day to rehearse and perform with other musicians from around the country.  Sadly, this has...
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KS1 + KS2 - 10 Easy Songs to Play on Piano (piano keyboard)

After seeing Elsie play her keyboard at home on Mrs Coat's Lockdown assembly this week, here's an example of a  visual, easy to follow, piano keyboard tutorial.   My advice is...
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Y5 - PBuzz Play-a-long: Sleeping Bear

Here's the next Y5 PBuzz play-a-long called Sleeping Bear.  If you are in Y5 and want to continue taking advantage of the opportunity to play brass in Y6, please phone school on 2467536 to arrang...
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CHA CHA Slide Dance Challenge

For those of you who enjoyed the body percussion challenge last week, this Cha Cha Challenge will be right up your street! CHALLENGE 1:   Make sure you can feel the pulse/heart beat as you l...
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Y6 Brass Band - The Hare and the Snail

CLICK HERE to be taken to Andy's play-a-long 'The Hare and the Snail'.  Andy is already supporting some of you via zoom and if any other members of the brass band are interested in some...
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Dance Monkey body percussion fun for all year groups

CLICK HERE to learn a fun body percussion routine to 'Dance Monkey'. CHALLENGE 1:  can you work out where the body percussion patterns repeat for the verses and choruses? CHALLENGE 2:&n...
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KS2 Sunny Day Sing a long

CLICK HERE to sing along to one of our popular assembly songs in KS2.   CHALLENGE 1 can you teach it to the rest of the members of your family? CHALLENGE 2 how many verses and chor...
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Y6 Brass Band session 2nd June

Hello to all brass band players in Y6.   Here's Andy's newest lockdown tutorial for you to get practising at home.  Happy music making!  

Y3-Y6 - Free Zoom Choir Opportunity from Sheffield Music Hub

CLICK HERE to see details of a free Zoom Choir opportunity being run by Sheffield Music Hub.   For the first time since schools closed, you can now sign up as a new member of one of She...
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Y5 - New PBuzz Session! 2nd June

 Hello to Y5 Pbuzzers!   Here's Andy's next PBuzz session for you!  Happy Music Making!

EYFS, KS1 + KS2 - Over 50 free home singing activities

NYCOS stands for National Youth Choir of Scotland. They uploaded brilliant lockdown children's singing activities. CLICK HERE to go to browse through 50 singing activities to try at home - g...
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Take part in Beck Primary's Virtual Choir Project!

Do you like singing?   Do you want to DO SOMETHING CREATIVE in your own home that will be part of a bigger thing? I wanted to create a Beck Primary School Virtual Choir piece that we ca...
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Y5 - PBuzz Tutorial No 2

Hello to all Y5's who have taken a PBuzz Home!  If you would still like to join in with the pbuzz online tuition, phone school to arrange picking up a pbuzz, and then follow the links to Pbuzz yo...
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