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Y2's Play-along Musical Score to We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Y2's have been playing handbells.  And if you have a toy or piano keyboard at home, you can now play along too!  Happy music making! 

Y2 Play-along Visual Music Score

 Y2's have been playing handbells.  So, if you have a toy or piano keyboard at home, you can try and play along too.  Happy music making! 

Y2 Jingle Bells Music Score

Y2's have been learning handbells.  But, if you have a piano keyboard or toy keyboard at home, you can play along too.   Happy music making!

Y6 Brass Band rehearsal video

Andy has prepared this rehearsal video for all brass band members who want to take part in the Christmas Brass Band Video.

Brass Band Alumni

Here's a recent performance from Firth Park Brass - can you spot Beck ex pupils who make up a large part of the group! Well done ex Beck alumni! 

Y2 Handbells

Y2 have started playing handbells.  Here is the interactive score: 1) can you say and sing the note names in time? 2) can you follow the score and use your 'pitch hand' (hand showing higher ...
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Y6 Body Percussion Challenge in music

Y6 have been learning this body percussion challenge - they are reading the formal music notation for the rhythm and the symbols for the body percussion.  TIP:  keep pausing the clip to slow...
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Y5 - Cups Song - Havana

CLICK HERE to explore the cup rhythm games in Y5.  Here is Havana which requires 2 cups and 2 people.  So at home, see if you can teach the two rhythm patterns to a friend or family mem...
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Y6 Bucket Drumming - playing triplets!

Y6's learned about musical triplets last week.   It happens first at 57 secs on the video - 3 stick taps in the space of 2. The pattern is R R L - Go on.... have a go at home ...
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Y6's bucket drumming

Y6's are learning bucket drumming - but at home you can improvise using saucepans, buckets, woodenspoons etc. CLICK HERE for the youtube tutorial  Pay attention to the LEFT and RIGHT instructions...
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Y5's Cups Challenge

All the Y5's are doing cups percussion in class this half term.  Here's a link to a cups accompaniment by Elton John called  'I'm Still Standing'. Can you learn the rhythms and then pla...
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F1/F2 - Concerteenies 24 hour Soundtrack for 0-5's

CLICK HERE to be taken to an exciting Early Years music project that is happening this week by Concerteenies.  Featuring top professional musicians from around the world and lots of wonderfu...
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Sheffield Music Hub - last 'Music at Home' signpost

CLICK HERE for the last "Music at Home" for this term from Sheffield Music Hub.  I hope everyone has a lovely and relaxing summer holidays,   Happy music making!

Y6 Brass Transitioning to Secondary School

Here's Andy's summer play along for the brass players who are continuing in secondary school. Keep Music Making! 

Sheffield Music Hub - Home Learning Activities 10th July

CLICK HERE to be taken to this week's instalment of great home learning ideas and signposts from Sheffield Music Hub.  If you've enjoyed doing a bit of drumming during lockdown, there's a gr...
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ALL - Lockdown Orchestra Video from BBC Philharmonic

CLICK HERE to see the BBC Philharmonic's latest lockdown video.  You can see all the instruments of the orchestra, how they are played and what they each sound like in this fun video.  With ...
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Y6 Brass Band - Returning Brass Instruments

This week, Y6 brass band would have been finishing on a 'high note' by going to the Birmingham Royal Conservatoire to perform with musicians from around the country as part of the Modulo Project. ...
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Y1 - Play along home learning percussion

Here's a good fun percussion activity.    1)   Find a percussion instruments made from things in your home (I got a saucepan and a wooden spoon) 2)  Watch the clip - listen an...
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Sheffield Music Hub Weekly Activities (2nd July)

CLICK HERE to go to this week's music activities from Sheffield Music Hub.  Activities include: Song of the week - warmups and a new song to learnChallenge of the week - a simple game or idea for...
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KS2 - Bucket Drumming Challenge

Some of the Y6 bubbles in school are trying drumming!   CLICK HERE to check out this YouTuber's bucket drumming playalongs... they're awesome and I like that he puts up the musical notation ...
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