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Y1-Y6 Music Home Learning about Dynamics

Here's this week's 'Musical Moment' from Sheffield Music Hub all about dynamics using a piece of music called 'Peter and the Wolf' by the composer Prokofiev.  Dynamics describes how loud and soft...
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F2 - Home Music Activity - Elmer the Elephant Song

Here's a lovely song about Elmer the Elephant.  Let's see if you use body percussion to keep in time to the song.  Can you: 1) listen to the song and watch the video clip 2) clap your h...
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Y1-Y6 Music Home Learning - playing an online xylophone

Here's clip I've recorded showing you how to use an online xylophone.   The notes are in the PDF below. The youtube clips are: CLICK HERE for TWINKLE CLICK HERE for STAR WARS You can email m...
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Y2 - Home Learning clapping game Tic-Tac-Toe

For all our learners at home in  Y2, here's another clapping game to add to last week's music challenge 'Sevens'.  This one is called tic-tac-toe.  Can you: 1) find a member o...
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Y1 - Music Activity - There's a hole at the bottom of the sea

This is a song that accumulates.  That means in the song, each verse gets longer as you have to remember and add to the previous verses.  Can you: 1) listen to the tutorial CLICK HERE 2...
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Y1- Y6 Home Music Activity - pulse and rhythm on homemade instruments

Do you know the difference between pulse and rhythm?   In this clip, the percussion team at Sheffield and Doncaster Music Hubs show you the difference between pulse and rhythm.&nbs...
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Y5 Space - Home Music Activity - the composer Hans Zimmer

Space has inspired many composers.  This week I'd like you to research 'Hans Zimmer', a self taught German musician who has composed world famous music including the music for BBC's Planet E...
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F2, Y1, Y2 Sheffield Music Hub Home Activities - Singing

Sheffield Music Hub's weekly singing activities suitable for F2, Y1 and Y2.. FUN FACT - singing can improve your speech and communication skills. so it's even more fun when done with siblings and fami...
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Y3-Y6 Home Music Activities from Sheffield Music Hub - Singing

Sheffield Music Hub's weekly singing activity for Y3-Y6.  FUN FACT - singing can improve your mood! So if you've got the lockdown blues go on, have a go!   Even better, have a go w...
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Y2 - Home Learning Activity - Clapping Game called SEVENS

Normally in Y2 in Spring Term we learn a variety of playground songs, games and chants to enrich playtimes.  In lockdown, that is going to be a bit difficult!  So instead, let's explore clap...
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F2 - Home Music Making Activity - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Here is the author, Michael Rosen performing his book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  Can you join in with him?  Try copying: 1) his vocal expression 2) his facial expression 3) the actions h...
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Y4 - Ancient Greek Music Activity -

CLICK HERE to be taken to the first activity in 'Heroes of Troy'. by BBC Education. CLICK HERE to access the playscript online  Tutorial 1 introduces the song 'Is it love' which is in a...
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Y1-Y6 Home Music Activity on 'pitch'

Here's a 'musical moment' lesson on pitch from Sheffield Music Hub staff. Happy Music Making!

Y1 - Music Home Activity - Sun, sea and song. 1: The big ship sails on the ally-ally-oh

CLICK HERE to access music home activity linking to Y1's topic work: Have you ever been to the seaside?  What things did you see there and what sounds did you hear?  Can you: 1) Use you voic...
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Y5 - Music Home Activity on Dr Who linked to Space Topic

CLICK HERE to learn all about how the Dr Who theme tune came to be.  There are clips to listen to and watch and a KS2 powerpoint to read through.  From your listening and reading, can y...
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Y3 - Home Music Activity linked to Topic

CLICK HERE for a fun music activity for Y3 pupils to explore sounds that they can find in the kitchen.  Listen to the instructions and see if you can join in using different sounds you'...
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EYFS and KS1 - Finding Different Sounds at Home Activity

Have fun together with this musical scavenger hunt.  Happy Music Making!

Y1 - Y6 Home Music Activity - Alla Turka

Here's a rhythm/listening/performing activity for you to try at home.  Can you: 1) play along with one of the colours (clap, click, tap on lap, of find something like a wooden spoon and tapping o...
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Y6 Beck Brass and Firth Park Brass Christmas Digital Performance

Happy Christmas from Brass Teacher, Andy Harris and Music Teacher, Becky Stroud. Can you spot Headteacher Mrs Coats playing her trombone?

Y5VH Christmas Performance

All the children in Y5VH would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.   They are going to sing Calypso Carol and then play the cups as a percussion instrument.  We hope you enjoy...
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