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Y3MH - Pass the pebble on!

Y3's are doing a topic on The Stone Age.  In music we decided to learn a song/game that just uses.... a stone!   Here's the words: Pass the pebble on, try to keep it moving, Pass t...
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Y1-Y6 Lesson on 'Pitch'

Here's Sheffield Music Hub's recent lesson on pitch, featuring the brass team.  Pitch describes how high or low a sound is.

Y1-Y6 Music making fun to access at home

CLICK HERE to access loads of free music making games that you can play on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone at home. It's a great way to explore the different elements of music - Y1 and Y2 classes hav...
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Y5NF - Singing

In Y5NF this week we have been missing our usual Spring Singing assemblies with Mrs Stroud so we have decided to have our own. What better way to start than with 'Spring Chicken' and of course we incl...
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Sheffield Music Hub - Y1-Y6 - win some Beats headphones

Survey for Young People.  Do you want to be in with the chance of winning some Beats headphones or a Bose speaker? Then fill out our Sheffield Music Survey for Young people. We want to know ...
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Y1+Y2 - Using 'incredibox' to layer and mix sound

Classes in Y1 and Y2 have been exploring how sounds can be layered and mixed. We have been using https://www.incredibox.com/demo/ We explored the different sounds, listened to hear which sounds w...
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Y2 - Making Music Shakers (and exploring timbre)

Two out of three classes have now made their music shakers!   We collected lots of yoghurt drink pots to recycle into music shakers.    We tested out different dried food...
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KS2 - Musical Moment on Rhythm (triplets)

Here is this week's 'musical moment' from Sheffield Music Hub all about rhythm and triplets.  Can you join in? Happy music making! 

World Book Day - 4 musical stories to watch age 3-9

CLICK HERE to watch Three Little Pigs CLICK HERE to watch The Chimpanzees of Happytown CLICK HERE to watch Sir Scallywag and the Battle of Stinky Bottom CLICK HERE to watch Little Red Riding Hood

Y3-Y6 - Making your own pop music online

CLICK HERE to learn the basics of music making. No prior experience is needed; you can do everything from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.  I love this website! 1) follow the online instr...
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Y1-Y6 Home Learning Activity - fab online music games

CLICK HERE to access an amazing website called www.insidetheorchestra.org  It has got 8 different online games that will give children the chance to  1) learn about all the different in...
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Y1- Y6: Home Music Activity - follow a body percussion score

This is a fun activity that is even more fun when you persuade family members to join in.  Can you: 1) practice each of the the body percussion used here  - hand clap, finger click, lap tap ...
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Y3 - Home Music Activity - fun with fruit rhythms

Here's a fun musical game teaching rhythms by clapping along to the names of fruit.  Can you 1) watch the video to work out how many 'sounds' in each fruit.  Which fruit are faster/slower? 2...
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Y1-Y6 Home Music Activity - Brass Instruments and Timbre

Here is the latest 'musical moment' from Sheffield Music Hub's brass team. CHALLENGE - can you make a homemade brass instrument that uses lip buzzing to create sound?  The brass team show you how...
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Y6 - Home Music Activity - exploring loops and layering online with Launchpad

CLICK HERE to be taken to Launchpad This is a brilliant online tool that allows you to explore different music loops through drums, bass, vocals, melodies and sound effects. Watch the YouTube tutorial...
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Y4 - Home Music Activity - Heroes of Troy 'Foolish and the Brave' Song

CLICK HERE to be taken to another Heroes of Troy song.  This one is called 'The Foolish and the Brave'.  David Grant from BBC takes you through how to sing the song.  Now scroll under t...
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Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 Home Singing Activities

Here's this week's singing activities put together by the fabulous Sheffield Music Hub team.  After you've watched the clip, remember to fill in the google docs form below the clip, to let Music ...
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F2, Y1, Y2 Home Singing Activities

Here's this week's home singing activities put together by the fabulous Sheffield Music Hub.  Can you  1) join in with the activities in the clip 2) send some feedback to Sheffield Musi...
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Y1-Y6 Music Home Learning about Dynamics

Here's this week's 'Musical Moment' from Sheffield Music Hub all about dynamics using a piece of music called 'Peter and the Wolf' by the composer Prokofiev.  Dynamics describes how loud and soft...
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F2 - Home Music Activity - Elmer the Elephant Song

Here's a lovely song about Elmer the Elephant.  Let's see if you use body percussion to keep in time to the song.  Can you: 1) listen to the song and watch the video clip 2) clap your h...
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