School Exam and Assessment Results 

Please click on the links below to view our latest exam and assessment results for the end of Key Stage 2.


2019-20 Results

In line with the government's decision to cancel assessments for the academic year 2019-20, the performance tables that were due to be released in December 2020, will not go ahead. 

You are still able to access previous year’s data on the DFE website.  For more information about this decision please click here.


2018-19 Results (not current)

  Expected Standard Higher Standard
FS2 60% GLD  
Y1 Phonics 78%  
Y2 Reading 69%
Writing  59%
Maths    67%

Reading 15%
Writing    7%
Maths     14%

Y6 63% ARE combined
Reading 73%
Writing  81%
Maths    78%

2% GD combined
Reading 13%
Writing    7%
Maths     7%

  2018-19 Key Stage 2 school exam and assessment results


DFE Published Performance Data

The school's full published results can be found on the DFE website.