Welcome to Beck Primary School's virtual office.  Here you will find answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by parents/carers.  If you have a question which is not answered here, please contact the office either by phoning or calling in.

General queries can be dealt with by one of our Receptionists.  For specific questions regarding attendance or admissions, please contact the office and they will beable to direct you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my child is late to school?

Our school day starts at 8.55am and it is important that the children arrive at school on time to begin their lessons promptly.  All late arrivals must be recorded and should report to the school office to sign in and order a lunch.

If my child is late, will they still get a school lunch?

If you know your child is going to be late into school but they will arrive before lunchtime and wish to order a school lunch, please phone the office before 10am.  After this time, lunches will have been ordered from our school kitchen and children will only be able to order a sandwich.

What if my child is ill?

If your child is ill, please telephone the office before 10am to notify school of a reason for absence.  Any unexplained absences will be recorded as unauthorised but, once the registers have been completed, the office will telephone parents/carers to investigate absences of which they have not been notified.  Please help by letting us know as soon as possible once you know your child is going to be absent.

What if my child has an appointment out of school?

If you need to take your child to an appointment during the school day, please notify the office and collect an authorised absence slip.  If at all possible, please try and make appointments out of school hours.