F2 Blog Activities

15 December 2021
 Welcome to the FS2 2021 Christmas Performance! We had lots of fun singing and performing these songs and jokes for you. We hope you enjoy our concert!...
12 December 2021
Merry Christmas from F2CB...
26 November 2021
 Today it was wonderful to see so many of the F2 children in their bright clothes for 'Be Bright, Be Seen' day! The children learnt about why it is so important for us to wear bright clothes while travelling in the winter!...
19 November 2021
Today, the children in F2 have really enjoyed learning all about Children in Need and why we raise money to help other children. They then took part in some Pudsey creative activities....
15 November 2021
As part of FS2's topic 'What's Your Story?', we have been learning about ourselves and our family.  This week the children are making their own family portraits!...
20 October 2021
This week in F2 we have been learning all about the Funnybones story. The children have enjoyed learning about the bones in their body and making their own dark, dark streets. ...
13 October 2021
The F2's were so happy to see Polly and her friend Jack. Polly and Jack performed an interactive musical story for the children called 'The mouse and the Bear'. ...
12 October 2021
In F2 we have been learning all about Autumn and the changes that this season brings. We collected the fallen leaves and the children used them to make their own leaf people.  Some of the leaf characters they made included a leaf baby,...
12 February 2021
This week we have had so much fun during science week in F2.. We have been learning all about space travel! We have learnt about travelling to the moon, painted rockets in the snow, made balloon rockets, made straw rockets, designed our own...
28 January 2021
Here's a lovely song about Elmer the Elephant.  Let's see if you use body percussion to keep in time to the song.  Can you: 1) listen to the song and watch the video clip 2) clap your hands in time to the song? 3) pat your legs in time...
27 January 2021
Look at how brilliant this work is. Lillie sent us her work on elephants after reading the story of Elmer. Well Done Lillie! ...
22 January 2021
This week I have been so proud of Denis. Denis' home learning is always to such a high standard and he is always trying to improve his home learning! I was particularly impressed with Denis' writing! Well done Denis, keep it up!...

Literacy Links

KS2LiteracyKey Stage 2 Literacy

PhonicsPlayPhonics Play, for all thing phonics, they have also opened up their resource for free to help support home learning during this time.

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AlphaBlocks Cbeebies Alphablocks


TeachUrMonsterTo Teach Your Monster to Read

OxfordOwlOxford Owl, reading resources and activities


ScholasticSchoolastic, reading activities and book clubs


Maths Links

EducationalQuizzesKS2 Maths Education quizzes and KS1 Maths Eductional quizzes


ClarityMathsClarity Maths, old SATs practice papers / video clips /games
MathsPlayGroundMaths Playground

TopMarksTop Marks

NumberBlocksBBC Number Blocks, Sing along and learn all about numbers with the Numberblocks!


Topic Links

RodBiddulph #DRAWWITHROB Rob Biddulph is an kid author and illustrator who has set up a daily draw-along videos that parents can watch with their kids and, hopefully, make some nice pictures together.

ArtForKidsHubArt for Kids Hub, this is a draw along YouTub channel with over 1000 draw along videos to choose from.


PE & Well-being Links

JumpStartJonny  Jump Start Jonny - Keep your family fit and healthy at home with weekly workouts and activities

 PEWithJoe Join Joe everyday at 9am to kick start your day with a live home workout aimed at kids

 CosmicKidsCosmic Kids Yoga - Web or App based, yoga, mindfulness and relaxation.

SuperMoversSuper Movers - The BBCs Fun curriculum linked resources to get your kids moving while they learn

GoNoodleGo Noodle YouTube channel, Go Noodle Games  videos created by child development experts for movement and mindfulness.

PremierLeagueStars Premier League Stars PE, resources and idea about how to keep active.

 NewsRoundBBC Newsround, keeping children up to date with world events.