Our Year Group overviews set out the themes that are taught in each year group. Learning is organised into three themes for each year group, each lasting a full school term, with the exception of Little Beck and Foundation Stage 1, which has six half termly themes. Each theme is introduced through a broad philosophical question that enables children to see links between the different areas of the curriculum whilst developing a wider understanding of their place in the world. Learning builds towards a final outcome at the end of each term, in which children have a chance to showcase their learning in as authentic a way as possible. 

Through each theme, children have many enrichment opportunities such as half termly visits and visitors to school that provide excitement and a real sense of purpose for their learning. Children then learn and develop the necessary skills and knowledge relevant to them in order to answer the big question and prepare their outcome. This enables children to lead their own learning, experience the wider world and develop skills needed in later life.

The overview documents describe:

  • How learning in that unit builds on prior learning and leads on to future learning. 
  • The key concepts to be developed over the unit - this will be demonstrated as part of the outcome.
  • The key vocabulary to be introduced during the unit.
  • Key books and resources that support the unit.
  • Assessment activities
  • Detailed objectives for each subject.

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