Our Subject overviews set out the progression of learning across school by subject. At Beck we understand how important it is for knowledge and skills to be built progressively over a child’s time at school. We value all subjects and have the same high expectations that children will learn, remember and retain knowledge and skills across the curriculum. We teach subjects in a discrete but integrated way so that children develop subject specific skills, knowledge and understanding and apply this learning directly to varied contexts.

Each theme will cover objectives from various curriculum areas though with a particular emphasis on either History, Geography or Science and with an outcome that focuses on either Design Technology, Art, a performance or IT. Our Subject Progression Overview shows this. 

Each Subject overview includes:

  • an intent statement which explains what we intend for our pupils to learn in each year group and how learning progresses over time. These documents make links in learning so that teachers can see where prior learning is being built on and what learning will come in subsequent year groups
  • a knowledge and skills progression overview which includes the coverage from the National curriculum, the skills and the vocabulary that we teach in each year group

Subject Overviews

pdficon large  Art subject overview and Art progression illustrated

pdficon large  Computing 

pdficon large  Design and Technology

pdficon large  French

pdficon large  Geography

pdficon large  History

pdficon large  Music

pdficon large  PE

pdficon large  PSHE and RSE (Relationships and Sex Education)

pdficon large  RE

pdficon large  Science