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Our engaging, progressive curriculum aims to inspire pupils to investigate, create and present their learning in a range of creative, authentic ways. When this is combined with high quality teaching, it ensures that children are supported to be well rounded, empathetic young people who have a genuine thirst for learning.

 A curriculum overview of each yeargroup’s themes can be found here

 Our curriculum at Beck has three key intentions that are shaped around our Core Values for the school and its pupils.

    • Children will learn the basic knowledge and skills that will allow them to achieve as they move on to Secondary school,
    • Children will develop an awareness of the world, the possibilities it holds and a belief in the positive contribution their life can make to it,
    • Children will gain the social skills of respect and empathy to allow them to fully succeed in life.

We have designed our curriculum with our Core Values at its heart:

Aim High – We aim to provide experiences that show children the wide range of possibilities available for their future whilst also developing their basic skills particularly in reading, writing and mathematics so that they have the foundations needed to access and enjoy the next stage of their education.

Be Enthusiastic – We design learning around children’s interests and encourage them to be creative in all areas of the curriculum.

Be Safe – We teach children how to keep themselves and others safe, healthy and happy.

Respect all – We aim to develop children’s awe and wonder in their world. This includes an appreciation of their own history, culture and that of those who live around them, the local environment and wider world and their role in protecting it. 

Be Team Players – We provide opportunities for children to learn how to work together and teach them skills of empathy necessary for this.

Have your say – We aim to provide experiences to develop children’s confidence and ability to articulate ideas, concepts and understanding in a variety of ways and the belief in their ability to shape their future.

Curriculum intentions for each subject have been clearly defined and can be found on the links from this page. These are progressively sequenced so that knowledge and skills build from one to the next.


Curriculum Organisation

Our curriculum is organised in a way that supports children to learn the knowledge and skills intended through what we know about how children learn. We understand how important it is for knowledge and skills to be built progressively over a child’s time at school. We value all subjects and have the same high expectations that children will learn, remember and retain knowledge and skills across the curriculum. We teach subjects in a discrete but integrated way so that children develop subject specific skills, knowledge and understanding and apply this learning directly to varied contexts.

Learning in the majority of subjects is blocked into term-long themes during which children consider philosophical ‘Big questions’. Each theme will cover objectives from various curriculum areas though with a particular emphasis each term on either History, Geography or Science and with an outcome that focuses on either Design Technology, Art, a performance or IT.

We recognise that children learn through making connections but that subject specific skills and knowledge need to be developed so whilst some subjects are blocked into topics, subject distinctions remain. English and Maths are taught daily and are often linked to the theme allowing further connections to be made and vocabulary to be developed. Links across the curriculum are only made when it is purposeful and we understand that specific skills and knowledge may be taught discretely where this is more appropriate.

We recognise the importance of real experiences and invest in an immersive event such as a visit or visitor each term for each theme. This includes opportunities to learn outside the classroom. By grabbing children’s attention and providing them with novel experiences, learning is more likely to stick in their long-term memory. We aim for ‘Third-generational’ learning – those experiences that children will tell their own children and grandchildren about.

Learning is enhanced when children see a purpose for their learning and that learning is embedded when children have the chance to practically apply what they have learnt in a range of contexts. Learning over the term works towards a purposeful outcome with children having the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt in a practical and often collaborative way. 

Curriculum Overview

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 An overview of each yeargroup’s themes can be found here

Inclusive Curriculum

At Beck we understand the importance of having a fully inclusive curriculum.  We ensure that all pupils are valued by having equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum, which is differentiated to meet individual needs and abilities. Information on how we support and make the curriculum accessible to pupils with special educational needs and disability can be found in our Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy and Information Report on our policy's page.

For further information about our curriculum please email our Head of School, Mrs Coats at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..