At Beck we have been involved with the Empathylab project as a Pioneer School since 2015. The aims of the project are to develop children's understanding of empathy through reading in order to make a better world.

Children are explicitly taught what empathy is and high quality books are used to give children chance to infer character's feeling using their growing empathy skills. Empathy leaders, who are children selected by their peers, demonstrate empathetic qualities and are available on the playground to support their peers.

Empathy is taught through the wider curriculum. Children are encouraged to think how their actions can have an impact beyond their own lives. For example children in Y3 learnt how to make nutritious soups for a local homeless charity.

We celebrate Empathy Day each year to voice the profile of the project. Last year children voted for characters that they felt shared empathetic qualities.  

Follow the link for more information about Empathylab.