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Year 4 History Topic Gallery Outcome


This term in Year 4 we have been trying to answer the question 'Why were the Romans powerful?'. Pupils have been learning about how the Roman Empire started, expanded (specifically into Britain) and eventually fell. 

We have done this in a range of different ways and on Friday pupils displayed this learning to their parents as part of a gallery. 

Pupils showed off their:

- Life in Roman Times Broadsheet: In English pupils have been using their learning about Roman life to first write a report and then publish it as a broadsheet. Pupils wrote about the structure of Roman Society, what Romans did for entertainment, what did Romans believe, what they invented and who some key Roman Emperors were. 

- Roman clay sculptures: We looked at different powerful people from Ancient Rome and how they have been represented through the art form of sculpture. Pupils then recreated them as clay busts.

- Roman soldier cardboard sculptures: Pupils worked in groups to create a large sculpture outcome. We learned about Roman soldiers and used interlocking cardboard to create large sculptures. These were displayed in the Roman 'wedge' formation to greet parents into the hall! 

Also on display was a range of work from pupils' topic books where they have learned about timelines, Roman numerals, Roman homes, the Roman social hierarchy, the map of the Roman Empire and they have analysed a range of Roman sources and artefacts. 

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