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Year 4 Egg Tooth Decay Investigation

In Year 4 we have been learning about the different types of teeth and their specific functions in ensuring food can be swallowed.

We have also been learning about tooth decay and the important ways we can all keep our teeth healthy.

To explore this further, we placed hard boiled eggs in 6 different liquids (water, vinegar, squash, apple juice, fizzy pop and sports drink) and left them for one week to see what happens. 

We then poured out the liquids and explored what the eggs looked like, felt like, smelt like and which had been most damaged by the liquid they had been in. As you will see from the pictures, a number of the eggs had decayed due to the acids and sugars in some of the liquids and not all pupils enjoyed the resulting smell!

We have learned that drinks and liquids that are high in acids and sugars can, over time, cause damage to our teeth and that we need to make sure we always look after our teeth.

The eggs after one day.

The eggs after seven days. 

Beck News 15th July 2022
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