Y2 - Making Music Shakers (and exploring timbre)

Two out of three classes have now made their music shakers!  

We collected lots of yoghurt drink pots to recycle into music shakers.   

We tested out different dried foods to hear the different sounds they made (popcorn kernels were the louder, rice was quieter).

We used a circle of cloth and elastic band over the hole at the top to make sure the classroom wasn't covered in tiny bits of dried food!

We tested them out using Dance Monkey music track to accompany our loud/quiet playing, alternating between the popcorn sounding and rice sounding shakers.  

Results? More children liked the rice shakers than the popcorn shakers!

Try making one at home!

Y1+Y2 - Using 'incredibox' to layer and mix sound
Newsletter Issue 20

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