Y1- Y6: Home Music Activity - follow a body percussion score

This is a fun activity that is even more fun when you persuade family members to join in.  Can you:

1) practice each of the the body percussion used here  - hand clap, finger click, lap tap and foot stomp.  

2) watch the video and spot the patterns!  You may have to pause the video and practice a pattern before being able to do it up to speed. (the music is fast but fun!)

3) remember to do two faster sounds when there are two pictures in one box (the sounds will fit with the music so try and fit your body percussion in with the track!0

4) challenge other members of your family to join in with you

5) challenge yourself to memorise the patterns!

Happy music making!

Year 4 Home Learning WC 08.02.21
Newsletter Issue 16

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