Taskmaster - Y5NF


Since our return from lockdown we have been using a little bit of time in our school day to have some fun by completing taskmaster activities. The activities have given us chance to think outside the box, work alongside our friends and get up from our desks and move.

So far we have completed a task to see who could build the tallest tower using only items from our desk drawers. We have stuck sticky notes on each other to see who could work the best together as a team and yesterday a note appeared on Mr Wells' desk.

We completed the sound challenge outside in the sunshine on the bottom playground. Each child had to come up with a unique noise and perform it. They only got one chance and had to impress Miss Colton to win some Dojo's. 

Our winner was Harvey - who sounded hilariously like a very depressed cow.... moo

Newsletter Issue 21
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