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DT in Y3-Prototype bin bag Prehistoric outfit


This week Y3 have been planning, designing and making a prototype of their Stone Age, Bronze Ag...

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 Year 3 have been sewing using the running stitch-it was very hard but we were patient and most...

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Y6 Play: Set Design

In Topic lessons, year 6 are making their props and set design for their play . Using...

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Experimenting with Bridges DT


In Year 1 we have had an amazing time experimenting with different bridge shapes. We were very excit...

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Year 6 Brigadeiro charity fundraising

Earlier this year, Y6 held a Brigadeiro sale to raise funds for the Rainforest Trust. We have just r...

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Y6 Museum of Evolution

Today year 6 showcased their Spring Term learning all about Evolution by creating their own mus...

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F2's Transport Exhibition

Today F2 showcased some of their learning about different kinds of transport for their outcome! They...

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Y3CW- Pizza making Outcome


This term we have been investigating the question 'Does it really matter what we eat?' We have been ...

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3DL 'Why does it matter what we eat?' outcome

This term in year 3 we've been learning all about 'Why does it matter what we eat?'. We've lear...

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F2's Boats

This week F2's designed and made their own floating boats. Each sail is beautifully unique! These wi...

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DT Week in F2

F2 really enjoyed DT week. We designed and made our own biscuits. We looked at what went into the bi...

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DT Week in Year 4

This week has been DT Week and we have been trying to design a new meal that could go on the School ...

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Y6 Design Technology Process

This week for DT week, year 6 have designed a new dish for the school menu. The following pictures s...

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DT Week


In DT week we have been making some super healthy wraps. We thought really hard about what foods wer...

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3DL Overnight oats - DT week


 We loved making our overnight outs.  We've researched, designed, made and evaluated ...

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Y3CW's Outstanding 'Overnight Oats'


We used Design Technology food preparation skills of cutting, slicing, grating, dicing and mixing to...

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Y4 DT Week

 As part of Y4's DT week, we have tried different foods, which come from Greece and we hav...

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DT week in Year 3 -Food technology


This week we have been set a challenge  to create a new dish for the school menu.  Ye...

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Y6 - A great start to DT week.


This week, children at Beck have the exciting opportunity to create a dish to go on the school menu....

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Y6 TinkerCad Houses

As part of our computing topic we have been exploring the online software TinkerCad to create 3...

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