#SCUChallenge 69 - Yorkshire Wildlife Park - Who's Poo?!


Did you know that there are local Children's University centres dotted all over the country? Like us here in Sheffield, they're all normally out and about validating Learning Destinations in their local area. This means there's a network of exciting places that you can normally visit up and down the country, learn while you're there, and collect your CU credits, if you have a CU Passport to Learning.

Even though we can't visit many of them at the moment, we're lucky enough to have the brilliant Yorkshire Wildlife Park a short drive away in Doncaster! During the last few months, they've been delivering some FANTASTIC live activities on their Facebook page - so we thought we'd design one of our Home Learning Challenges around one of them…are you ready…? All about animals and their POO!!!
You can download the full challenge here: https://bit.ly/SCUChallenge69

To claim your credits, please complete and return a Sheffield CU Home Learning Challenge Reflection Diary which can be found here: https://bit.ly/SheffCUReflectionDiary

Once you have completed all the challenges, email your reflection diary along with evidence of your completed activity to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (photos/videos etc.) and we'll award CU credits. We can't wait to see your work - please send us a picture along with your reflection diary and feel free to share photos/videos on Facebook and Twitter! #SCUChallenges

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