Science Week in Year 4

In the last week of half-term it was Science Week at Beck and our theme was Inventors and Innovation. In Year 4 we looked at lots of famous inventors and wrote a report about their lives and amazing inventions. We also did lots of fun investigations into magnets and magnetism in order to understand how magnets work, what materials are magnetic and how magnets are used in our everyday life. This was with the aim of the pupils designing their own invention that would use magnets before making a model to see if it worked. Here are some pictures of the pupils in school investigating with magnets and their amazing inventions which included a crane, vending machine, toy dog and bone, cup holder, floating car and TV stand! 

Our pupils were also working on the same investigations and inventions at home - here is some of the fantastic home Science learning that went on:

We are all so proud of the efforts of pupils in Year 4 this half term, both those who have been coming into school and those who have been learning at home. They all appeared to love investigating and inventing during Science Week and produced some amazing work - well done everyone!

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