Science Week in Y6


 Our Y6 theme was What Floats your Boat? What shaped boat is best for carrying lots of passengers.

We learnt about buoyancy, density, surface area and displacement and how these are linked to how a boat floats.

We decided to design, build and test 3 different shaped boats. The shape would be our independent variable – the thing that would change in our experiment. Our independent variable (the thing that wouldn't change) was the number of passengers. To make it a fair test, we also had to make sure we tested our boats in the same place, with the same amount of water and that our boats were built out of the same material.

Our results were varied but we found the boats that were bigger in size and therefore had more surface area, had a greater buoyancy force and were able to carry lots of passengers. 

Happy Lunar New Year From F2!
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