F1/F2 - Concerteenies 24 hour Soundtrack for 0-5's

CLICK HERE to be taken to an exciting Early Years music project that is happening this week by Concerteenies.  Featuring top professional musicians from around the world and lots of wonderful young people, these 24 short, inspirational and highly engaging films represent the 'typical' life of a family with young children. The films aim to inspire everyone to be musical and creative in their everyday lives as well as incorporating music in their home and school learning activities. Themes include train games, musical phonics, tidying up time, drawing, a park walk, Witching Hour, bedtime story, night-time lullabies and more!

Between Sun 12th July and Mon 20th July, 3 videos will be released every day, with a final full celebration video at the Concerteenies YouTube channel. 

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