Welcome to Beck!

Beck is a big school with a big heart and big ambitions! 

Our Core Values underpin everything we do at Beck. Each week we celebrate children who are following our values.You can find those children who have been celebrated in our Learning Champions Assembly on our blog.

More than anything we want the children at Beck to be excited about  school and learning. We have planned an exciting curriculum based on the children’s experiences that will take them to places they could only imagine. We are passionate about teaching reading and helping children to enjoy books. You can find out more about what the children will learn about in each subject and each year in the curriculum section of our website and you can see what the children have been learning by visiting our blog

We have had to make quite a few changes to the way school is operating in response to the risk of COVID-19 infection. We may need to make further changes in the future and regularly send out COVID-19 updates that can be found on our website.

We are keen to maintain the strong relationship we have with parents. Teaching staff regularly contact parents with updates. Any parents who have concerns are encouraged to call school to arrange to speak to a member of teaching staff. Parents can also keep up to date with what children have been learning by visiting the Yeargroup pages of the website where homework and out of school activities can also be found.

Mrs J Coats, Head of School


School Updates

Free School Meals Entitlement letter to parents.

pdficon large FSM Entitlement


Please find below our latest Risk Assessment.

pdficon large Risk Assessment V14

Please find below our COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan.

pdficon large COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan

Latest Blogs

21 October 2021
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21 October 2021
We have had a lovely week in Year 1 celebrating all things 'Autumn!' We went for a walk around the school collecting lots of Autumn treasures. We then...
21 October 2021
Y2RJ went to Concord Park to learn and play football.  We had a great time we lots of enthusiastic players. On the way there we also observed our...
21 October 2021
Y3 went on a geography fieldwork walk today. We looked at features of a river and were thinking about questions to do with the flow of the water ...

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School Letters

Free School Meals Entitlement letter to parents.

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Letter from Director of Public Health Sheffield, Greg Fell, providing an update on Covid-19.

pdficon large Greg Fell, letter to parents 19/08/21


"The welfare of everyone at the school, pupils and staff, is of the utmost priority."

(Ofsted, 2019)

Free School Meals Entitlement letter to parents.

pdficon large FSM Entitlement